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Bishi Bishi: Bands like Aural Vampire, Momoiro Clover Z, Morning Musume, Story Seller, The Micro Head 4N's, Trill-Dan and YMCK are signed to Bishi Bishi. According to the label, their two main goals are the constant development of Asian artists and the establishment of their very own fanbase. (Homepage:

CLJ Records: The German independent label CLJ Records, founded in 2006, addresses Japanese bands of the Visual Kei and metal scene. CLJ is part of Colosseum Music Entertainment located in Nuremberg. From time to time, CLJ Records collaborates with the promotion company Rock Identity to organise tours for the groups signed to CLJ. 9Goats Black Out, Alice Nine, Ap(r)il, Ayabie, Branch, DaizyStripper, Danger Gang, Deluhi, D=OUT, Kagrra, Kra, LiZ, Lynch, Matenrou Opera, Moran, NoGoD, Panic Channel, Plastic Tree, Pure Q&A, Screw, Saruin, SuG, Tarrot, Terashima Tamiya, The GazettE, Uchiike Hidekazu, UnsraW, Versailles, Vistlip and Wizard are signed to CLJ. (Homepage:

Darkest Labyrinth: The label located in Tokyo was founded in 2000 by Kiwamu (BLOOD) and also owns a webshop with merchandise of groups belonging to the gothic and Visual Kei scene. Darkest Labyrinth signed their first contracts with international bands from Greece, Italy and Australia in 2007. At the moment, BLOOD, GPKism, Spectrum-X, Noir du'Soleil, SUICIDE ALI, 2 Bullet, Rose Noire, Seileen, Marlee, Takuya Angel and Angelspit are part of the company. (Homepage:

Gan-Shin Records: Gan-Shin fittingly means "rock spirit". Deville Schober founded the European label in 2004 which represents Japanese bands in Germany, France and the UK. 12012, abingdon boys school, An Cafe, angela, Aural Vampire, The Back Horn, Balzac, BIS, Crossfaith, D, D'espairsRay, Domoto Tsuyoshi, DuelJewel, Gackt, GaGaalinG, Girugamesh, Hangry & Angry, heidi., Hyde, Ic5, Kaen, Kagerou, L'Arc-en-Ciel, LM.C, Megamasso, Merry, Mix Speakers, Inc., Moi dix Mois, Mucc, Nightmare, NoGoD, Onmyoza, Rentrer en Soi, Sid, The Studs, VAMPS, Vidoll, XodiacK, Ymck and Zoro are signed to Gan-Shin. (Homepage:

HIGHFeeL: HIGHFeeL, a production, management and PR company, have only started out, but already take care of the popular band ADAMS and Ryota Sakai. (Homepage:

Hinode Records: Hinode Records, an affiliated company of Ramen Events, was founded to distribute the songs of Japanese artists in European versions. Furthermore, Hinode Records release the compilation record "Ramen Cup". The musicians taken care of by them are ADAMS, ETHNIC LEGIST, GALAXY 7, HITT, LIQUID BOY, OROCHI, Pinky Doodle Poodle and Ryo Fujimura. (Homepage:

Kanzen Music: Kanzen Music offer the whole nine yards for Japanese Bands divided in four fields of duties: tour management, concert production, promotion and booking. They have already organised events for heidi. and ADAMS. (Homepage:

Nyanko Scandal Factory: I-ai- is the first band which signed with the promotion agency Nyanko Scandal Factory. NSF organises smaller concerts of Japanese artists in Europe, especially in Sweden. (Homepage:

PS Company: PS Company (also called PSC) was founded in 1999 and stands for "Phonetically Syndicalism Company". It's an affiliated company of Free Will. At first, the bands signed to PSC weren't really successful. They finally made the breakthrough with D'espairsRay. Nowadays, Kagrra, Kra, The GazettE, Alice Nine, SuG, SCREW, ViViD, born and D=OUT are signed to them. (Homepage:

Ramen Events: Ramen Events is a well-known European booking company and organises tours and events especially for Japanese indie bands such as ADAMS, Loka, HITT und Mikaru. (Homepage:

Starwave Records: The label represents the bands Variable Messiah, BLOOD, syokudaikakkokai, lix, Suicide Ali, Magistina Saga, Capella, THE SOUND BEE HD, Calmando Qual, LIVERT, Synk;yet und misaruka. (Homepage:

Torpedo Productions: Torpedo Productions, a tour organiser, takes care of organising shows for the following artists and groups: Kamijo, Park Jung Min, Eat You Alive, One OK Rock, The GazettE, Deathgaze, Teen Top, The Micro Head 4N's, Akino Arai, Black Line, Gacharic Spin, Kaya, Satsuki, Loveless, Versailles, Screw, Lamia Cross, Keisho Ohno, Detroit7, D, Choi Soo Min und Anli Pollicino. (Homepage:

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