Interview with 慟哭~doukoku~

AnN: Please introduce yourselves to our readers first. Who are you and how did you get interested in music?
Ryusuke: I’m the vocalist Ryusuke. My brother Fumiya plays the guitar and together we are Doukoku. We compose our songs together, but Fumiya’s parts are synthesizer and the arrangement.
Before Doukoku I used to be in another visual kei band, but after their break up I couldn’t find another band which worked out. Instead, I wrote songs. While I wondered how I will continue, my brother learned to play guitar and sent me a demotape of his own. After listening to his music idea we formed a band asap.

AnN: How did you come up with your bandname?
Ryusuke: Looking at the name of the bands in livehouses, I realised they all had English names. We wanted to stick out so we decided for a Japanese name with Kanji. It was Fumiya’s idea to chose Doukoku. It means ”A cry of feelings you can’t put into words”. I thought this word is a good link to music.

AnN: You have shortly released your second single. Please tell us something about it.
Ryusuke: I wrote ”Tenshou no Hitomi” which was also released with a PV, while I didn’t belong to a band. I already forgot about this song but Fumiya obviously remembered the refrain and arranged it. When I listened to his demotape I was wondering: ’Somehow I know this song...’ I didn’t realize it was the one I wrote *laughs* so it was Fumiya, who made ”Tenshou no Hitomi” so good.

The song ”Tsukiyo no Dousousha” is a joint-project with Johnny who played drums and keboard. It was offered to a seiyu (dubbing actor) first, but they didn’t use it. The song was too good to be forgotten so we asked whether we could release it with Doukoku. We got the OK and recorded it. So this is the only song where Doukoku is not the author.

I played ”Usei” with the acoustic guitar and sang to this. I gave it to Fumiya as a demo. We talked about the arrangement before, so I let him do. He put this song in this wonderful form.

So our second single „Tenshou no Hitomi“ includes songs with different origin.

AnN: Short and crisp: which three features describe your single best?
Sadness, Reincarnation, Lamentation (doukoku)

AnN: Please tell us something about your style of music. How would you describe it?
For us, the melody and the text are most important. Our music is hard but it also shows caducity. It is quiet and still hard. I think we are a band which cares about people.

AnN: What inspires you when you write songs?
Ryusuke: Everything can be an inspiration. A book you read, a conversation, to listen to music. I live to make music and to sing. This experience is important for me. What I think, what I feel. Other than that I don’t have inspiration, I guess.

AnN: Please describe the origination process for your songs. How do you create them?
Ryusuke: We exchange demotapes with each other and if the other one thinks it is good then we make a song out of it. Both of us write texts, but usually the one who had the idea for the melody also writes the texts. Just very seldom, I write a text to a melody Fumiya composed.

AnN: Does your band have a special concept?
„Doukoku“ (A cry of feelings you can’t put into words). This is our concept.

AnN: What do you think: if there wasn't any music in the world, how would life be?
If there hadn't been any music from the beginning it probably wouldn’t have been so bad. But if now suddenly there were no music, this would be a sad world.

AnN: We would like to know your opinion regarding several things. Do you think that it is difficult as a musician to have a family at the same time?
Ryusuke: For me it is like a lottery: If it works you are lucky. But I didn’t think a lot about it yet.

AnN: As a musician, you are a person who is in the spotlight all the time and someone fans want to know everything about, also private stuff. What do you think: should you also talk about your private life in public?
Ryusuke: I think this is different for each person. To talk about your own life is ok, because it is important to be human . But a secret stays a secret so I wouldn’t talk about it because it is a secret *laughs*

AnN: Did you make any awkward experiences, for example at concerts or on Facebook?
Ryusuke: Nasty things? They happen a lot *laughs*
Nowadays with internet, there is a lot of malicious gossip *laughs again*

AnN: Ryusuke, you also work on a solo project besides the band. What impact does that have on Doukoku?
Ryusuke: I wanted to make something completely different from Douokoku as a solo project. What I wear in the PV even are my private clothes. For me, this project doesn't have a link to Doukoku and that you feel a gap between Doukoku and my solo project makes me kind of happy.

AnN: Let's get to a funnier and more creative question. How do you imagine utopia?
Ryusuke: When I’m singing I am in paradise. But as soon as the concert ends I’m back to earth. *laughs*

AnN: Are there any plans for a tour in Europe?
We still don’t know, but if we could we definitely would. We want to meet people we didn’t meet before and show them the real Douokoku.

AnN. Do you have a few last words for our readers?
Since we plan to continue making music please stay with us.

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