Interview with This is a Pen

AnN: First of all, thank you very much for taking some time to answer our questions.
KEITO: My pleasure.
WOTAFA: You're welcome.

AnN: Please give a short introduction about who you are, which position you have in the band and what your favourite colour is.
KEITO: I'm the singer. My favourite colour is unichrome.
WF: My name is Wotakufighter and I'm the guitarist. My favourite colours are pink and blue.
AIMSK: My name is Akaiwa Masaki and I'm playing the drums as well as the piano. My favourite colour is purple.

AnN: How did you come up with this rather unusual bandname?
KEITO: They decided without me.
WF: It thought this name is cool.
AIMSK: If I would hear this sentence in an English-speaking country, I'd think 'What!?'. In Japan, this one is taught to us as an absolutely normal one during the English lessons. I'd like to send this notional 'What!?' reaction from Japan. This is the meaning behind our name 'This is a PEN'.

AnN: When did you start playing music and how did it happen?
KEITO: When my interest in music came up, I took the chance to perform during a cultural festival at my highschool.
WF: When I was in primary school, someone bought a trumpet for me, but I didn't like it. After three days, I was bored. *laughs* It became a serious thing when I bought an electric guitar at the age of 14.
AIMSK: When I was about 5 years old. I was taught playing the piano. When I was in highschool, I started playing drums. I also bought me a violin, but I immediately quit that. *laughs*

AnN: Akaiwa, as far as we know you play the piano and the drums. What was the biggest challenge you faced during your practice?
AIMSK: When it comes to the drums, it's 'Take the time' from 'DreamTheater'. At the piano, it is Franz Liszt's 'Études d’exécution transcendante'.

AnN: We were told that you own a school of music in one of your earlier interviews. What is the most difficult and the best thing in teaching music?
WF: The good thing is that you meet your own inexperience again. The difficult thing is to maintain the student's motivation. If one keeps going, success will come. They shouldn't give up, that's why I support them patiently.
AIMSK: The good thing... are the concerts we do together. It's difficult to maintain a student's interest and to explain the need of practice.

AnN: How did you come up with the idea to establish a school of music in the first place?
WF: A long time ago people approached us very often and expressed that they wanted us to teach them.
AIMSK: Wotafa-sensei... invited us. But, before it actually started, students came to us and begged: 'Please, establish a school'. *laughs*

AnN: Do you want to convey a certain message with your music?
KEITO: We don't have 'this' one, but plurality of it.
WF: What kind of message... This is a PEN stands for doing all the things one really loves to do. That's why we're very excited, when people come to see us and feel something because of us.

AnN: Who were or maybe still are your idols when it comes to music?
KEITO: None.
WF: hide.
AIMSK: When it comes to me, I only watch myself.

AnN: What is your favourite food?
KEITO: Grapes.
AIMSK: Rāmen... I hate Bœuf Stroganoff.

AnN: What kind of music do you listen to in your freetime?
KEITO: Almost nothing but the songs of bands I met lately.
WF: It changes every now and then.
AIMSK: Undistorted, quiet, dark pieces.

AnN: What are your plans regarding releases? Is there anything new to come?
AIMSK: We're creating all the time. You should always keep an eye on our LIVE page and our youtube channel.

AnN: Where do you take your inspiration for the lyrics and melodies from?
KEITO: In the moment of inspiration.
WF: Visions as well as many other things come to my mind in the meantime.
AIMSK: When I'm in my living room, I'm humming melodies while drinking tea. *laughs*

AnN: Do you have any plans for a tour in Europe?
KEITO: Sightseeing in Europe is a dream.
WF: Call us! Call us!
AIMSK: Just call us! ★

AnN: What does a typical day or week look like for you?
KEITO: In order to get into a traveling mood, I'm watching traveling programs as well as programs about worldwide ship journeys.
WF: I enjoy figure skating.
AIMSK: I'm sitting eagerly at the computer.

AnN: What do you think will the future of the VK genre be? And how do you think could it become more popular again?
KEITO: I wouldn't say that the original VK is going to spread.
WF: No idea. (´ー`)
AIMSK: Doesn't quiet and popular times repeat themselves? Years ago, VK was called J-GLAM ROCK.

AnN: To Aikawa: Does it make an impact on This is a PEN that he is a support member of Jupiter?
The bandmembers, especially Wotafa and Aikawa Masaki, who were influenced by X's metal-developments, have an appeal for lyrical melodies.

AnN: Let's do another kind of question. What would you do if you could be Prime Minister for one day?
KEITO: I'd publish lots of information about state secrets. *angry*
WF: With my privileges I'd produce the anime I want to watch. (´ー`)
AIMSK: I'd do a concert in the National Diet Building.

AnN: A world without music is... (please complete this sentence)
KEITO: On contrary, I'd like to know what it is like.
WF: Silence.
AIMSK: dadadada... a boring world.

AnN: If I'm reborn, I will be... (please complete this sentence)
KEITO: I'd like to have the special ability to talk with cats.
WF: ...a handsome man.
AIMSK: ...a guitarist.

AnN: Do you want to leave some last words for our readers?
KEITO: Meet the day with eyes wide open, then you'll have fun.
WF: Music doesn't know any borders! If you have the chance to listen to our music, then listen to it!!
AIMSK: Live your life the way you like it. But come to one of our concerts. ♪ you won't regret it.

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