Interview mit SAGA

SAGAAnN. please introduce yourselves to our readers.

Hi Everyone
SAGA is the world 1st Japan - Korea - China united music group
under the theme of “NO BORDER”

SAGA consists
Female vocalist Ramy from Korea
Male vocalist Kevin from China
Rio from Japan as producer / DJ
Our music is based on EDM mixed with Asian Music
Our messages are all positive strings messages for peace and unity of the world

AnN. how did you start making music?
I started playing piano as a child , probably in high school when I started writing songs。

AnN. how did you met each other?
Rio and Kevin are met in Beijing , we find Ramy on Facebook.

AnN. how do you work together? Does each of you take a special part in the band or is everyone kind of doing anything?
Rio as executive producer basically come up with all the concept and idea
for music and activities in front . then we all have meeting to brush up and
finalize ideas. each person write lyric in each languages on same song.
Kevin is also great song writer as well.
Rio do most of composing , all the arrangement and mixes.

AnN. was there a special reason why you decided to make music?
There is no particular reason , just because we love music.

AnN. where do you get your inspiration for your songs?
In many places , for example , from SAGA 's trip, from the book , from life ...

AnN. what kind of meanings imply your lyrics?
Lyrics are mainly talking about life, love and peace, we want to let more people have confidence in
their own lives , to enjoy life

AnN. are there any plans for a new single or album?
We plan to add more EDM and Asian music elements in the new song, we did not stop the creation
of new songs on this tour we also plan to sing a new songs.

AnN. your music is called NEW ASIAN ELECTRO POP. On your opinion what is unique about your style?
Now we are really focusing on how to mix our Asian pop style which
comes from us naturally with Western edgy and fresh electro Music.
Those songs you can get ideas that how we mixes them in our way.

AnN. you went to Europe last year. What was your impressions on that tour?
We are very pleased to see a lot of people like and support SAGA.

AnN. so what are you most excited about the upcoming world tour then?
We look forward the surprises and challenges in the tour.

AnN. the fans can look forward on what when you perform overseas?
When you come to the live, you will know

AnN. what is the most fun part in giving a concert?
We interact with fans on stage.

AnN. what is the biggest challenge in making music as SAGA?
The biggest challenge is ourselves , every time we have a new challenge

AnN. would you agree that music can unite people?
Yes, music can cross language barriers , music can change people 's mood

AnN. please complete this sentence:
Music is... My life
Life is... Music
Love... is always there on the earth.

AnN. Many people look up to someone and have trust in this person. What's your hero, in your childhood and now?
Michael Jackson

AnN. We would like to know your opinion regarding several things. Do you think that it is difficult as a musician to have a family at the same time?
I think not difficult, family will always be your haven.

AnN. As a musician, you are a person who is in the spotlight all the time and someone fans want to know everything about, also private stuff. What do you think: should you also talk about your private life in public?
Rio like Japanese comics , Ramy like to go to the coffee shop , Kevin likes to play video games.

AnN. Do you have some last words to our readers?
SAGA will take you guys to where we all haven’t seen any time before
Please join our journey and you will be a part of new genesis
Thank you !!!

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