MUCC Interview 22.5.2015

MUCCAnN: What can we expect from your new album T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997-?
Tatsuro: This album is very aggressive.
AnN: Aggressive as in aggressive topics or as in things which upset you?
Tatsuro: There are many powerful songs. We already played some songs from this album in Japan and although the fans didn't know the songs yet they could dance and sing along. This was a lot of fun for us, too. Also on the EU tour we did play some songs and the fans accepted them, danced and sang along. The quality was very high.

AnN: Last time you were on tour with the album Karma. Since then you made 2 more new albums which were more aggressive than the one before. Would you please explain this changing process for us?
Tatsuro: Our current album T.R.E.N.D.Y is a mini album with just 7 songs. But it is also a concept album and we looked back where we started 1997. We listened to our songs from that time and in the same time we concentrated on what if we were on a festival and just had 30-40 minutes to play? The result we put on the new albumm. All this passion is in this mini album included.

AnN: Which meaning does the title „F#ck the past f#ck the future“ have for you?
Tatsuro: With „The End of the World“ we first made a Japan tour. While touring, we thought about our next tours in the EU and Japan. We already had experience from the past which we could use for the future. But most important is this moment we are living in. This, we should focus on. We already wrote some new songs and these songs we have to present in this moment. That's why the title.

AnN: Are there places where you want to give a concert but hadn't have a chance so far?
Satochi: We participated in „Taste of Chaos“ and played really big gigs. The feeling of standing on really big stages was f*cking great. I want to have this feeling again. That's why I want to try hard to play there or even a stadion again.

AnN: You wrote on Twitter on May 4th that MUCC turned 18. Congratulations! In Germany, you are an adult with 18. Do you think that MUCC developed to an adult over the years?
Tatsuro: Of course we collected a lot of experience over the years and therefore, we are more relaxed now with things which panicked us several years before. Now, we can try out what is possible. In this sense, we are more adult now.
AnN: Why did you chose this date? Did something special happen on May 4th 1997?
Tatsuro: Our first concert was on May 4th.

AnN: Your are in the music business for 18 years now. What did change so far?
Satochi: At this moment there are many good looking dancers and idols in the Japanese music scene who are very successful. In former times, there were more bands. Young people founded bands that time, now this happens fewer. But people say this former band scene will come back in the future. We are looking forward for this to happen!

AnN: Do you still have stage fright after so many years?
Tatsuro: Really big stage fright we don't have anymore, but we sure are insecure whether we are really ready to go on stage and stand in front of the fans. Did we forget something? Are we ready? This insecurity is always there.
AnN: What do you do against it? Do you ignore it?
Tatsuro: I always repeat it in my head, I simulate it. If I can't fight it, it is also ok.

AnN: How do your plans for the next 2 years look like?
Tatsuro: In 2 years, we turn 20. We already think about it and you will probably soon get some information about it.

AnN: What do you still want to achieve as a band
Satochi: We already talked about big stages before, right? This is one of our aims. We as Japanese play usually in Japan, but we want to enlarge the japanese music scene more. This is our next aim. After successing overseas, we want to come back to Japan with this experience.

AnN: As a band, you have a lot of energy and charisma on stage. You electrify the crowd fully. How do you think you do it?
Tatsuro: While still being in our mid-twenties, we really thought about it: “How long can we endure it?“ Nowadays it got really hard for us to keep this level on stage. We have gotten older. But we can't change it, we just have to continue (laughs)

AnN: How do you gain fitness for your concerts?
Satochi: As you can see, I could be fitter (laughs)
Tatsuro: Well, we try, but it gets harder with getting older. Sometimes we get hurt, but we still continue.
AnN: I think I can understand that (all laugh)

AnN: Where do you get your strength for the concerts and recordings, physically and mentally?
Tatsuro: While on stage we gain strength from our fans. They have a natural kind of energy which we absorb. The solidarity between the fans is giving us energy, too. But after the concert, on the next day, we are like ash: Completely burned out. In Japan we could take a hot bath, but overseas we can't which is really hard.

AnN: How do you compose your songs and what challenges you even after so many years?
Tatsuro: Basically everyone is writing the songs, but the main composer is still Miya, our guitarist. He is very curious and gets inspired from many things, even everyday life. When we others see him like this, we also get this kind of inspiration and can write songs. We work together and that's how our songs are made.
AnN: Did the process change over the years?
Tatsuro: Oh, basically it was like this the whole time. In the beginning, mainly Miya wrote the songs, that we others joined in came over the years.

AnN: You already were on stage with X Japan on the hide memorial summit and for the anniversary concert for Buck Tick. Next month, you are on the next bombastic event: The festival LUNATIC FEST. What do you expect?
Tatsuro: We are very excited to be at the LUNATIC FEST. We never have done something like this before. In my opinion, this is like a dream. Our bandname will be on flyers and T-Shirts – this used to be our dream all the time. This line-up also won't be there again like this.

AnN: You already made some coupling concerts. Which advantages and disadvantages do these kind of events have?
Tatsuro: The biggest disadvantage is that we develop a sort of fighting spirit. We want to destroy the other band. Sometimes this is too much and we destroy ourselves (laughs)
There are many advantages, but the biggest one is of course that we discover the other band's fans. There are many people in the crowd who haven't seen us before. They will of course get a good impression of us.k

AnN: What was your best or worst experience on tour?
Satochi: For or 15-year anniversary we had a big concert in the Makuhari hall. It was a really big thing for us. This experience developed a solidarity between us. The whole tour was very good, this was very nice.
Tatsuro: For me, the 69 tour was very hard. The tour itself was good, but we had to stress ourselves very much to attend every date. This was really tough, but I also learned to concentrate and focus. This had a good effect on me.

AnN: Is there an interview question which you want to be asked but never had before?
Tatsuro: (surprised) Well, exactly this question nobody asked before yet (everyone laughs)

AnN: If you would be prime minister for a day, what would you do?
Tatsuro: If I could be prime minister for just a day I'd have to do too much on that day. Usually you have like, 4 or 5 years for the same things I had to do in one day. This is impossible. That's why I prefer not to be prime minister for just a day (laughs)

AnN: We read on Twitter you had been for a walk in Essen today in the morning, Tatsuro and Yukke. Can you do this in Japan, too, going for a walk without being noticed?
Tatsuro: Not on the concert day itself, but before or after we usually have a day off in Japan. Then, we usually go for a walk without being noticed.

AnN: Would you please give your fans and our readers a message?
Satochi: We have a lot of fun at this tour and gain interesting experience overseas. We cannot wait to come back again and when we do next time we will be better! So please buy our CDs.

AnN: Thank you very much.
Tatsuro: (in German) Dankeschön




a special thanks for the translation goes to Kristin!

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