Interview with Mikaru

AnN & RD: As this is not your first tour through Europe – how much has changed for you since the first tour? And how much has Europe changed in your eyes?
Mikaru: The first tour we had here was with Black Line. You see, because Black Line is much harder, darker and intense, the tour was also more intense. Now it's the second time with G.L.A.M.S, which is more a pop band, I don't feel like it's still just a project, (but) a band. This is why i was looking forward to this EU Tour on which I concentrated really hard. It is very fulfilling and I am content about it.

The more I and surely my fans too, listened to the Black Line CDs, the idea of making music which allows people to party at the concert became clearer. The last G.L.A.M.S CD was more a pop music album and very calm and I also played the guitar myself, and that I wanted to change now. And it even is my further goal to change it.

AnN & RD: So you will go a little bit more into rock, because that's a lot of party
Mikaru: Yeah, that because of hard rock and party. But I also like jazz and electric and other types of music and I want to put them all into my music.

AnN & RD: And how do you stay fit during a tour? I mean this is very exhausting....
Mikaru: (laughs a little bit) Before I go on tour I train my body hard with running or boxing on a sandback to Slipknot (because of the screaming/vocals), so I have enough condition for the tour. On Tour I eat when I have time to eat or sleep when there is time to sleep. So I try to give my body what it needs and to have the energy I need on stage.

AnN & RD: is it working?
Mikaru: (laughs again) For real, I don't know. I get distracted by so many things, like today France, later Germany, then Austria, but it also gives me strength and power to go on and give my best. Although I am tired and exhausted.

AnN & RD: What would you say is the concept behind G.L.A.M.S.? And what is the main emotion, you deliver with it? The main message you have?
Mikaru: G.L.A.M.S is more “freedom“, to do whatever I want: ballads, rocksongs. The genre but also as an artist. I want to do whatever I like to do, also containing my paintings and designs.

AnN & RD: Was your last year also packed with creative work like painting, writing songs and designing stuff?
Mikaru: For two years I painted a lot but also wrote the first songs for G.L.A.M.S. This year I really spent time to think about where to go with G.L.A.M.S and so I wrote many many songs, which weren't played yet. Also I wanted to take a new CD with me, but there was no time to finish it nor did I know what I really wanted to have on it. There were too many songs in the end.

On the other side, I had to part with Black Line and see what G.L.A.M.S is really G.L.A.M.S, but during the next time everything will be on it's way.

AnN & RD: How do you keep your creativity and freshen your mind?
Mikaru: Ahhhn, I don't know. When I want to paint something, I sit in front of the white board like 5 Minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and then suddenly this „Uhn-I-see“-effect pops in. Also with songs. During the shower I am humming something and then suddenly it's like „uhm“ (sings a melody) and then maybe I'll repeat it and add some text (Mikaru starts singing the melody with text) and after or during the shower I jump out and record it on a voice recorder. And it's every time the same.

AnN & RD: In the last interview you already told us, you take a shower while writing songs. Why a shower?
Mikaru: It's always the shower! Also when I write hard songs. (Mikaru starts imitating a guitar and then starts growling)

AnN & RD: The magic shower and maybe because the shower head looks like a microphone?!
Mikaru: YES! (laughs)

AnN & RD: Isn't it too much water in the mouth, or better put it the other way round.
Mikaru: I feel like the shower is the stage, and there a people and also the light...

AnN & RD: And what is pushing you forward, keeping you continuing your path?
Mikaru: With the age of 8 I already wanted to create something, so I started to paint, even if it were just emoticons. I always wanted to create something new and this feeling did not stop until now. It's my „Peter Pan“-Effect, that I don't want to stop believing and to dream on.

AnN & RD: Which field of music would you love to explore further ?
Mikaru: I want to do everything I did not do yet. Everything I listened to and did not do myself yet. For example the rock from the 90th like Bon Jovi and also Aerosmith, but as well new music like Korn, Slipknot and Marylin Manson. Not only rock but also blues, because I like blues and I also like Frank Sinatra. So everything I am interested in. I just want to create my music from this inspiration and even do it better.

AnN & RD: But how can that work? To be even better?
Mikaru: Ah it's every time the same. In the shower (again much laughter) I think I am Steven Tyler, so I am Steven Tyler, and the music is coming into my mind. Another time I think I am Frank Sinatra. So I chance personality and sing along. When I start singing the songs sometimes something comes along. Sure it's not easy but also not impossible.

AnN & RD: In which field of music would you love to explore further? For example, playing the guitar, making food, better English, etc.
Mikaru: I hate cooking! Normally nothing, but maybe I want to talk more English or more fluently, so I can talk to my fans. Everything else is something I want to leave to the pros, like my guitarists, bassist, drummer and so on. I can play enough to write my music. And of course I want to improve my singing, but also I think I am on a good level. At last I want to add after completing that tasks, I want to look more like Brad Pitt meaning to build up more muscles like “Fight Club” Brad Pitt.

AnN & RD: As you are combining music and art, would your art be a way to explain someone not able to hear anything, your music? In which way would this work?
Mikaru: I think it's totally different. Music compared to pictures for example. Pictures don't have tempo, no notes and no groove. I create music as a complete own world. For pictures I don't get any real feedback. They have to stand on their own. It's very difficult to put my world of feelings into a picture, because it has it's own story.

When I make jewelry I think about how it looks like on the girl who is buying and wearing them. If the girl is sexy or cute or if it's sexy on the girl who is wearing.

AnN & RD: In our last interview with you, you revealed to us that you would loved to be asked, what you think about the interviewer's underwear. Has that happened meanwhile?
Mikaru: No! (laughs) But like T-strap on girls.

AnN & RD: No not good. It's so uncomfortable! We all three think it's not good.
Mikaru: But it's sexy! So why? Please!

AnN & RD: Especially when it's hot like this. Try it yourself.
Mikaru: NO!!!

(everyone is laughing)

AnN & RD: What are your plans for the next year? Any new releases?
Mikaru: At the Moment we planning to have a Mini-Album with 5 songs. We are going to start recording in August and there will be Syu on drums, Yudai on guitar, Tetsuo on bass and I am on the vocals. If everything works out perfectly, we are going to release it in December.

AnN & RD: It normally never goes according to plan, right?
Mikaru: My plan is always to have no plan. So nothing can go wrong (laughs)

AnN & RD: Back to the roots: How did each of you get in touch with music? What is your first memory of making music yourself?
Mikaru: The first time I got in touch with music was with the Beatles. I was very impressed by John Lennon, what he did, his works, his way of playing guitar. I also wanted to be called John Lennon by my friends, be like him. 

I got the tapes from my father and when I listened to them I tried to write down the lyrics „it's been a hard days night...“ but I could not understand English so it was more „its been a had dais nai“. It was very difficult, but I wrote down what I heard to sing along afterwards.

AnN & RD: And how old were you at that time?
Mikaru: Maybe 14... or 15.

AnN & RD: So that was your reason to buy a guitar when you were 15?
Mikaru: When I was singing „It was a hard day's night“ alone in my room, I thought I am John Lennon, so I needed a guitar.

AnN & RD: So in what ways do you see a difference to your younger self? Did the Mikaru now become better?
Mikaru: I just change in my look but the inside Mikaru is still the little Mikaru who just wants to have fun.

AnN & RD: No growing up? Not getting an adult?
Mikaru: Right! (Giggling)

AnN & RD: But it fits with the Peter Pan right?
Mikaru: Yes. Mika-pan!

AnN & RD: Mika-pan*. I want to eat Mika-pan. (*pan is bread in Japanese)
Mikaru: (laughs)

AnN & RD: Petaru?
Mikaru: No, Mika-pan.

AnN & RD: But it's not eatable.
Mikaru: Well, it's okay (to eat).

AnN & RD: What's the best way for you to end a day after a long day of touring / concert / etc?
Mikaru: Uhm, that's difficult. I think it's beer and clinking glasses with everyone and say „Otsukaresama*“ (Good Job) although I'd like to have a shower! But it's nice to scream out that it was an awesome concert with the staff and the members first. And then I want to shower.

AnN & RD: Maybe having a new idea under the shower then?!
Mikaru: Sure!

AnN & RD: What do you love about rabbits?
Mikaru: I actually went to the pet shop to buy a dog. But there I saw it and it was perfect. It was totally cute and I fell in love with Lilli at first sight. Without hesitating I asked how much she is and took her home.

After I was at home and writing music on my computer or painting Lilli was always alone. I thought she's maybe lonely and she needs a friend. So I went to buy her one.

AnN & RD: And what do you do with them, when you are on tour in Europe? Who is caring for them?
Mikaru: They are at my families place.

AnN & RD: Do you miss them?
Mikaru: AHH, OH YES! For me they are still my little children. As soon as I am back home I will pick them up on the same day.

AnN & RD: This does not really fit into the rockstar image!
Mikaru: (giggles)

AnN & RD: If you had the chance to alter one thing in your live, what would it be?
Mikaru: (thinking a long time about the question) Okay when I really think about it, I want to look like Tom Cruise for a week and do what I normally don't do. But maybe this is going into the wrong direction, so maybe I'd prefer to stay like I am.


AnN & RD: Why Tom Cruise? Maybe because he's so famous with girls?
Mikaru: cause... (shows silhouette of muscles)

AnN & RD: Better is Johnny Depp? You had this pirate look, too.
Mikaru: Uhm, then I want to change it to Johnny Depp!

AnN & RD: It's surely just because of the girls.
Mikaru: (smirks) It is.

AnN & RD: An do you have a message for the fans?
Mikaru: Thank you for the Interview. G.L.A.M.S was just born and the songs which are released, are its first steps into realization so please look forward to what is coming next. I promise it will be awesome. Please keep on following up my path it surely pays.

AnN & RD: Thank you.

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