Interview with V.I.P

A view months ago we had the chance to get an Interview with V.I.P. We hope you enjoy it!


AnN. On July 1st your new album „Soma Essentials“ got released. How do you feel about the first album release of your solo project V.I.P?

SOMA ESSENTIAL has many meanings, it’s my origin and a great challenge for myself.
Since it’s my own music, It’s my natural stance.

AnN. Aside from the songs of your singles there are also several new songs. Would you please tell us something about the meaning of BABYLON especially?

BABYLON is about mans history of walking the earth.

AnN. Do you even write the foreign language parts or your songs yourself e.g. the Greek part in „Soma“ or English songs like „We are one“? Or do you have somebody to cross-check critical parts?

My manager check the English, for the Greek and French I know native people who can check it for me.

AnN. How come you collaborate with many other artists on the album? Does this have a special meaning for you?

I didn’t collaborate with Doukoku on the album, but I had an acoustic concert with them as guest artists in Tokyo earlier this year. Fort the first track on the album „BOYS“ I collaborated with the Swedish artist Endigo.

Collaborations do have a special meaning for me, it’s that kind of thing that breath life into your own world of perceptions.

AnN. Is there an artist you dream to collaborate with in the future? If so who is it? Or did you aleady fulfil this dream?

I always want to collaborate with people that I get a good connection with.
Now I’m not conscious about who in particular the person is.

AnN. Are there any other projects aside from making music planned as V.I.P?

Now because of the upcoming SOMA ESSENTIAL TOUR vol.1 in October, I haven’t thought about other projects.

AnN. What is your most favourite topic to sing about? What do you want to transmit most with your songs to your fans?

Favorite topics would be the human way of love and kindness. After those topics comes my own life experiences.
I want to tell everyone who listen to my music that we should desire and believe in a world where everyone loves eachother.

AnN. How do you feel about people who see you as their personal hero? Does it scare you or does it make you proud to be an idol for somebody?

I haven‘t thought about that in particular.

AnN. Is it very difficult to find enough time for your two musical projects, I-AI and V.I.P? Do you have enough time to sleep? ;) 

I spend all time on V.I.P.
In I-AI-‘s case, if both projects moves in the same direction, I’ll work on that too.
Of course I sleep from time to time ^^

AnN. How do you prepare for your tours? Is the preparation any differnt when going on tour in Japan and overseas?

I imagine the unfolding of the concert in my mind.
Domestic and Oversea preparations might be basically the same, to alone prepare the music oversea is always a struggle with myself.
I think I will include a lot of intense songs in the upcoming tour.

AnN. Last but not least: Would you please leave a message to your fans?

The more you fall in love with me, the more I love you all.
Please take care from now on.



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