Interview with Kamijo

RD & AnN: Would you please introduce yourself with a few words?
Kamijo: My name is KAMIJO. I am the leader of Versailles, currently working as a solo artist.

RD & AnN: This year was your 20th anniversary as an artist, would you please give us an overview of your development and history in this time?
Kamijo: I had my major debut in 1999 with LAREINE and 10 years later with Versailles. My third major debut was as a solo artist in 2014. I am still singing all three debut songs even today.

RD & AnN: What is the most important lesson that you have learned over the years?
Kamijo: I have learned that if I continue without bending my thoughts, my intentions will reach my audience for sure.

RD & AnN: Where do you still have the feeling to have to learn even more?
Kamijo: As a musician, but also as a person I want to become more sensitive.

RD & AnN: You have a very recognizable voice, but had you any singing lessons?
Kamijo: I had very intense voice training when I started with Versailles and also when I launched my solo activities. After that if was all about adjusting.

RD & AnN: How would you describe your music and what do you value about the sounds you create?
Kamijo: I’d like to think of my music as a fusion of classical music and movie soundtrack, metal and rock, as well as Japanese popular music.

RD & AnN: You seem highly influenced by the European baroque epoch in costumes and topics. How did this happen? What brought you towards that influence?
Kamijo: I was born in a house with where roses grew, and I grew up listening to my mother’s electronic organ. To me, it came naturally.

RD & AnN: According to which criteria do you choose your support band members or band members in general?
Kamijo: I choose them if I like them as a musician, of course, but only if I like them as a person, too.

RD & AnN: You will be back in Europe in November, what is the reason?
Kamijo: This year I am celebrating my 20th anniversary and I have prepared a very special set list, with songs from my time as a band member. I wanted to make the tour final not only in Japan, but also in Europe.

RD & AnN: You once said in an interview that you have a very theoretical approach to composing, using the knowledge of what chord can create which emotion and such. Have you had any training?
Kamijo: I am completely self-learned.

RD & AnN: What is inspiring you, when composing? And where do you tend to have the best ideas?
Kamijo: When I’m on the terrace of my house, the wind is thinking for me.

RD & AnN: Even though you were in 2 bands and have your solo works, the concept did not change that much. Have you ever considered trying out something completely different?
Kamijo: That would be my band NEW SODMY, I think.

RD & AnN: You like to wear very pompous costumes. In Japan the venues air conditioning always works very well, but in Europe that is not always the case: how do you survive a whole show in your costumes in this situation?
Kamijo: It’s seriously hot! Should I just take it all off? (laughs)

RD & AnN: What is the memory you treasure the most about being an artist?
Kamijo: The tears of the fans.

RD & AnN: And what is your first memory of making music?
Kamijo: I remember that my first song was like a mixed juice – a song where all kinds of ideas where blended together.

RD & AnN: What is your reason for always coming back to Europe?
Kamijo: I just really love that place!

RD & AnN: Please leave a message for our listeners & readers
Kamijo: I am very thankful that I can give my thanks to everybody in Europe this way. I will be coming in person to you to present my songs to you. Please stay tuned for the European Finale of my 20th anniversary tour!


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