Interview with Jack Rose

Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions.

Would you please introduce yourself, your position in the band and about your favourite colour?
【Re:i】I'm Jack Rose's vocalist Re:i. My favourite colour is blue.
【Aki】I'm playing keyboard for Jack Rose and I like yellow and red.

Jack Rose debuted in 1999, right? Please tell us something about your start, about your first shows and your biggest success that time.
【Re:i】At first, we used to cover songs from Yngwie Malsteen or Stratovarious. We were a real heavy metal band that time. Over the time, bit by bit we increased our original songs. When we signed a contract with a label, we also released our first album. After that, the members of Jack Rose changed and so did our music. But we were doing alright, because we could go on tour in Mexico and hold a one man live in Japan.

Then, we would also like to know why you went on hiatus in 2012, but made a come back in 2015 again. Would you be so kind to tell us this story too?
【Re:i】The break we took in 2012 was for personal reasons. I thought about our music and our standpoint during that time. But since some members left the band, it took some time to come back as Jack Rose again finally in 2015.
【Aki】Actually we didn't plan to have a break in 2012. We'll take the time to create new songs, I thought. What we will do when we come back again and stuff. But in the end we took a break for 3 years! But for me it feels like we continued from November 2012 until today.

Compared to the old Jack Rose, what is different now? What did change the most?
【Re:i】During these 3 years, we continued in other bands than Jack Rose. We learned a lot during that time and with that knowledge, we changed the concept of Jack Rose too. I think we got more entertaining now.
Besides, since we are just 2 members nowadays we can talk about our ideas and thus, we work together better. I think, our songs reflect this and we are improved a lot!
【Aki】Well, as I said before, I don't think much changed after our unexpectedly long break in 2012. But definitely, these 3 years feel like a long time. Since 2012 the band was mentally over and a long time passed. So for this reason, we have to think even more about what we're gonna do in the future.

With your come back in August 2015, you also released the new album [B-RE:AK]. What is different compared to your old albums? What did develop most?
【Re:i】Our old songs were played with support members so now they have to fit for 2 members. They are different now. Well, for our current Best-Of-CD this variety is very good.
【Aki】For this Best-of-Album our songs from the past are totally different. But also because they are the songs from the past we thought: ”This is how we would interpret them now.” This is like a ripening process. Guitar, drum and base were our supports, but what we are doing now is the Jack Rose we can do now, I think.

What was the overall topic of the album? And who composed it?
【Re:i】With this album we crashed everything we did until now. Our concept was to create something completely new. Aki created the music and I was responsible for the lyrics.

After so many years of performance, did your musical influence change?
【Re:i】I still like heavy metal, this didn't change. If I have to name it, I love every kind of high voiced heavy metal singer.
【Aki】For me, my favourite musicians didn't change. They are still Asakura Daisuke (Japanese artist, songwriter, keyboardist) or Glay's Takuro-san. But the artists I like changed over the time. Of course, stability over the time is good, but I think it is even more important to develop myself. Still, this is difficult, I think.

How do you get inspiration for your songs? Where do your best ideas occur?
【Re:i】I get inspiration from listening to the demo. Suddenly I get the words for a feeling or for a picture. With this, I start writing.
【Aki】I get inspiration from many things. Sometimes my mind goes blank too. There are many methods. But this I do for years already: I imagine which sound would be cool if we could perform it on a big stage. While I imagine it I create this sound.

How did the production process in 2015 change compared to the early 2000s?
【Re:i】Well, basically it didn't change much, but when I listen to an old album I think it would have been done better in another way sometimes. In this way, I think our musical range got wider.
【Aki】I also didn't change much, I guess. My feelings towards the songs I create are strong. You can compare it as if they were my children. That's why I want to create an album which I like listening to even after 10 or 20 years.

What is your role in the production process?
【Aki】I'm the producer. I think Re:i-san's voice is great, so I want to make it sound even better in the songs. Basically, my work is to bring Re:i-san's lyrics and my arrangement together so they mach perfectly, I think.

Re:i-san, Aki-san, both of you are involved in other band projects as well. Does the style differ much from Jack Rose? And how do you manage time?
【Re:i】In the other band I participate in there is no keyboard. So the sound is totally different from Jack Rose and the things I can do are limited. But we talk about the compositions, too, so there are interesting but also difficult parts for me. For having the time to participate in Jack Rose, I have to arrange my schedule and talk a lot with the other band members.
【Aki】The other band is very different from Jack Rose. They don't have blaring synthesizers and the musical performance are the instruments themselves. In Jack Rose's music, there are a lot of synthesiers, for a perfect performance on stage we would need 5 arms. That I can perform with my other band ”Concerto Moon” is a big plus for me personally. This is something Jack Rose can also do, I think.

Who is responsible for your outfits? Do you design them yourself?
【Re:i】Our clothes are made by our stylist. I totally trust them! (They didn't specialise the gender of the stylist)
【Aki】I don't think I have a sense for western clothes *laughs* That's why I rely on a professional stylist. I'm happy they always come up with cool styles, right?

What was your most embarrassing experience as a musician?
【Re:i】When I fell off the stage! But actually I prefer not to talk about it much.
【Aki】Hmm, I don't really remember something.

Life as a musician must be great, but difficult times probably also occur. Where do you gain your energy from for making music?
【Re:i】I gain my strengh from the fans! Because you guys are awesome!
【Aki】For me, making music is my life. So getting asked “where do you get your power from“ is something I can't answer completely. It's more like if I stop making muisc I will die, you know? The driving force for Jack Rose is the aim to perform in the Budokan once. I want to make it possible for Re:i-san to perform on this stage and gain my strengh from this.

In Japan, people believe a lot in blood type associated characteristics for people. Do you also believe in them? And would you say the blood type you have fits your character?
【Re:i】My blood type is 0, but people say my character fits the typical 0-type. So I think it fits.
【Aki】I don't believe in blood type associated characteristics *laughs* It's said that A-types are steady and serious. Well, this fits me sometimes, but actually, my true character is quite the opposite

How would your life be without being a musician? Would you be a boss of a world famous company or would you maybe have a family with 10 children?
【Re:i】I think if I wouldn'd have had turned to be a musician I'd been a cool uncle by now for sure!
【Aki】Hm… without being a musician I'd be a useless person I think *cries*

Last but not least: Please leave a message for ANN's readers.
【Re:i】Even without understanding the words you hear with your heart, right? I believe that our music reach your heart and that's why we will continue like that! I'm looking forward to meet you through our music!
【Aki】Although we perform in Japan I want the world to know about Jack Rose and I would be happy if you start to like us. I really hope that one day we can stand on stage before you, so we continue to try our best!

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