Interview with Tezya

Akataiyou no Nihon (ANN): Thank you for taking your time to answer our questions.
For a start, would you please introduce yourself and tell us something about your favorite animal?

Tezya (T): It's a pleasure to be here. I'm a Japanese singer-songwriter and my name is Tezya. I take part in the band tezya & the sightz. My favourite animal is the lion. I like it since my childhood, but I don't know why.

ANN: You are an active musician since the early 90s already, so you musical history is quite long. Please tell us about your highlights so we know a bit about your story.

T: I started as an indies musician, turned major and returned to be indie again. The environment changed, but the root in creating music is not changing. So I still work to create even better music.

ANN: Would you also tell us something about how you started music? What instruments did or do you play, if any.

T: At that time, there was a boom of bands in Japan. There were bands which didn't start because they liked music, but because they liked the fashion and people thought they were cool. At that time I was very shy and never thought I'd play on stage one time. I liked rock and pop as a listener and that's why a friend of mine invited me to take part in his band. Like this, I started to play in a band. But at first I didn't have the courage to sing, I played the guitar.

ANN:Since the release of your first mini album in 1992, the music business changed a lot, also due to the internet which is also getting faster all the time. What is your impression about the change of the music business? How did it influence your work?

T: The 90s were the peak of Japanese music. A lot of bands and solo artists signed contracts with a major label and a lot of money for advertisement was spent. So sales were high. For business, this was a dream, I think.
Now, CDs are not selling well all over the world. Of course, the income of the music business also decresed, but since I didn't start music for making money, this fact is not influencing my work.

ANN: Tezya-san’s last album “Life my Babylon” was released in 2010. Your new album will follow in 2016, as far as we know. Could you give us some piece of information about it? What is different to the album before?

T: “Life my Babylon” was my first album I released as a solo artist. I wanted to create an album with my music with my solo works. For my latest work, I created songs the way they came into my mind, so the style of each song is different.
After the big Tohoko earthquake on 11th March 2011 and after the death of a close friend if mine, I came to think about life once again. Therefore, a lot of lyrics on this album revolve around life.

ANN: Where do you get your inspiration for your songs from?

T: It's not me who composes. It feels more like God or aliens or something else is crashing directly into my brain with their ideas. I also see the arrangement nearly completely then. As for the lyrics, they are based on my own experience, my memory. This album is full of life and death.

ANN: Aside from your new album, which plans do you have for the future? What can your fans hope for?

T: I just finished my latest album, so I want to tour through many countries!

ANN: Would you also please tell us a bit about your other projects, for example “Blackout” with Sugizo and Sine6?

T: Sugizo is a friend of mine for a long time already. So I was very happy to accept his proposal to make some music together with his band Sine6. Aside from rock music, I also liked techno, house and electric music, so I thought it'd be interesting to include my songs in Sine6. Well, it was the time of the big Tohoko earthquake, so the lyrics are inspired with egoism, death and sorrow and hope.

ANN: You describe your musical style as “Future Glamour Rock ‘n Roll”. What is the difference between future glamour rock ‘n Roll and the usual glam rock which you’re also influenced from?

T: I don't think there is a real musical genre like 70s Glam Rock, but „Future Glamorous Rock 'n Roll“ also includes a lot of technical music. So I decided to call my style like this.
And it's a way to be different from visual kei *laughs*

ANN: Your voice is very deep and sexy. Was it always like this, even in a young age? Or did it develop over time? Do you have a special training for your voice?

T: A lot of people told me even during young age that my voice was very deep. I didn't do a particular training to deepen my voice, but I mimicked the deep voice while singing songs from famous singer with deep voices. That was my natural training, I guess *lauhgs*

ANN: You’ve been to a tour in Europe already in 2014. Do you plan something for 2016 for Europe again? Maybe even visiting Germany?

T: Of course! I want to go to Europe! And to Germany!
In 2015 I went to Poland, which is next to Germany, so next time I definitely also want to visit Germany! It's the country where David Bowie, who I admire a lot, created the awesome Berlin triology. Alongside with Kraftwerk or Einstürzende Neubauten, there are a lot of awesome bands in Germany.

ANN: Since you have been touring in many countries already, do you have the impression that fans from different countries are different? In which way?

T: There are a lot of different mentalities, but wherever I went, I got a warm welcome and I'm really thankful for this. And it doesn't matter where, but at a live, everyone everywhere is full of energy

ANN: Being an active musician over such a long time and touring in so many destinations, how do you keep yourself fit? What kind of training do you do?

T: I try to walk a lot and I do muscle training.

ANN: Do you have a place where you like to give a concert?

T: Since I got influenced a lot by British music, I'd like to hold a concert in London.

ANN: The following questions are for your fans (and soon to be fans) to get to know you better.
After so many years, what was your most embarrassing experience? And which one the most impressive?

T: I will think about this when I die *laugh* And it's now is not the time for dying.

ANN: If somebody granted you one free wish, what would you wish for?

T: I'd like to travel in space for a year.

ANN: If you have to reduce your wardrobe to only three pieces, what would still be there? (If you have a foto, it would be even greater for us ? )

T: With just 3 pieces left, I'd be better to be naked. But I won't show you a photo of this *laughs*

AnN: If you could chose one, which super power would you chose?

T: Time travel!

ANN: And last but not least: Please leave a message for our readers from ANN.

T: Thank you very much for reading the interview until the end.
I'm looking forward to meeting you in Germany in the near future! Let's definitely meet!

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