Interview with SuG

During their tour, we had the pleasure to do an interview with Takeru and Chiyu from the band SuG

RD & AnN: Would you please introduce yourself?
Chiyu: Yes, I'm Chiyu, bassist of SuG. Nice to meet you.
Takeru: I'm Takeru, vocalist of SuG. Nice to meet you.

RD & AnN: Although you have been in Europe here and there as part of festivals, this is your first real tour. How do you expect it to be? What differences do you hope to experience?
Chiyu: It's our first tour, so we're looking forward to see the reactions to the same songs we play n Japan. So it's interesting to see how fans react in other countries

RD & AnN: When you are on tour how do you like to spend your time between concerts, sleeping and soundcheck?
Takeru (eng.): Reading Manga
Chiyu (eng.): Hm... (chuckles) smoking (laughs)
Takeru: (laughs)

RD & AnN: So how do you prevent annoying each other since space is limited and you are all very close in one spot?
Chiyu: We don't really feel like needing alonetime
Takeru: Yeah (nodding)
Chiyu (eng.): Best friends (chuckles)
Together: (singing) Best friends~ ♪♫

RD & AnN: Okay let's be honest, this year, we already had a few other really famous and amazing bands / artists in Europe, like MUCC, Miyavi and Dir en grey. Do you think that makes it more challenging for you to play?
Takeru: Not really
Chiyu: Nah...
Takeru: Why?

RD & AnN: Over here you've got the same fans visiting the concerts of each of those bands or artists.
Takeru: Hm...
Chiyu: Hm... Our style of music is so much [more] different to them (MUCC, Miyavi, Dir en Grey), so we don't really think that this will be a problem

RD & AnN: You have been playing a lot of shows with other bands, like the 69 wars with MUCC last year. Or something with alice nine just a few days ago. What do you think are advantages of such an event?
Takeru: The merits are that fans get to have multiple experiences, for example
Chiyu: (nods)

RD & AnN: As a band you have a lot of different styles in your music. How does this work out while composing? Is everyone bringing in something different in style or are you all very diverse in what you can do?
Takeru: The roots of the music that we like is different with every member, so it naturally becomes a very diverse spectre of our style as a band

RD & AnN: Also you are active for a lot of years. How much has SuG changed during that time? And in which way?
Chiyu: Ah... We couldn't make our songs at first (laughs) (This time, Takeru translated for him)
Takeru: (chuckles)

RD & AnN: Well I think, they're still great. I enjoy listening to them
Takeru (eng.): Oh... what song do you like? (surprised)

RD & AnN: Cherish... for example...
Takeru (eng.): Cherish...? What? (laughing in disbelief)
Chiyu: WHYYY? (laughing)
Takeru (eng.): It is not a popular song

RD & AnN: Really? But it sounds so positive when you don't understand the words
Takeru (eng.): Oh... but the lyrics aren't positive...

RD & AnN: But the most entertaining song I still frequently listen to is 'Love Scream Party'
Both: Aah... (nodding)
Takeru (eng.): (proud) It is the first song – I Scream Party – that I made (laughs)

RD & AnN: Great work! Do you still have Gennosuke? The Teddy-Bear?
Takeru (eng.): Teddy-Bear?

RD & AnN: From the PV
Takeru (eng.): Aah! I remember it! No... it wasn't mine (laughs)
Chiyu: haaa... (chuckles)
Takeru (eng.): Nostalgic....

RD & AnN: And compared to 'Love Scream Party' your music on your latest album 'BLACK' darker and heavier. What made you change?
Takeru (eng.): When we're making a song, we always try to be as honest as possible. Be more strict, which makes these songs much more personal... more grown up (laughs)

RD & AnN: Earlier this week you released a teaser for your next project. It's called 'versuS 2015'. Could you please tell us more about it? What is it and how was the idea born?
Takeru (eng.): When I was in New York I went to Apollo Theater, really famous Music House. And they had Amateur Night, where various artists would perform and the audience could decide which one was the best. I wanted to bring this idea back to SuG with this project.... To see which one is better. To choose the best side with audience choice. The dark or the bright side

RD & AnN: Did you have fun dominating your brighter selves with your dark side?
Takeru: Dominating...? Oh... (laughs) (to Chiyu) it was entertaining
Chiyu (eng.): Very, very...

RD & AnN: Like Chiyu-san pouring Champagne over your head...
Takeru (eng.): Yeah... my head (nods) I'm crying... I get so sad... crying... on the bed... (tries a sad look, then laughs)

RD & AnN: Do you think fans overseas will ever be able to see it? On a DVD or YouTube?
Takeru: (shrugs, looks at Chiyu) … difficult...
Chiyu (eng.): … Come to Japan (laughs)
Takeru: I don't really think so... (still in thoughts)

RD & AnN: Well then... for our last question, we would like to know: If you could jump into the world of any Anime, TV show, book, etc – which one would it be and as which character?
Takeru (eng.): You know 'Tokyo Ghoul'? Famous Anime and Manga... so I wanna be in 'Tokyo Ghoul'... eating humans... (trying to jokingly intimidate us with an evil glare)

RD & AnN: Tastes like chicken...
Takeru (eng.): Chicken?! (surprised, a little bit put off)(laughs) Beef is better.
Chiyu: Nanatsu no umi no tico. It's an anime about a girl named Nanami and an orca. They travel around the ocean together... so I'd really want to be in that anime...

RD & AnN: Thanks for the interview, guys. Enjoy your tour!
Chiyu (eng.): Thank you!
Takeru (eng.): (turns around and waves with a big smile since he was already mid-way to the VIP event that happened right after our interview) Bye~!

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