SuG Tour 2015 in Europe - Cologne

sug tour 2015 in europe cologne 1 20151231 1527086245Sometimes dreams do come true. For the band SuG and their fans it happened at the night of the 29th of November at the Underground in Cologne. The energetic kick off of their first tour in Europe was a full success.

Fans had to wait for 9 years since the founding of SuG until they finally got the chance to see the band tour Europe, but this was the perfect timing for SuG. The band started out with a pop sound with a little bit of rock and metal elements, and bright colors. Over the years they evolved into a diverse rock band with an awesome stage presence. Not children anymore, but grown up men, standing in front of the audience. They do not need much make up anymore. Blacks shirts and jeans are more than enough to hit the right nerve to entertain their fans.
Wait: entertain might not be the correct word. As soon as the band entered the stage the crowded venue was filled with their energetic presence and the fans burst into ecstatic screams. It was way more than entertaining.

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In between heavy guitar riffs, fast and pushing drum lines Takeru's voice floated through the venue, melting the more electronic and dubstep influences into the music. Several times there was a second vocal line added from tape, to create the typical SuG sound, but Takeru's voice stayed strong until the end, hit the tunes and was full of emotion. There are not many vocalists who sound that young, energetic and fresh at the end of an one and a half hour show, especially after yelling a lot in order to heaten up the fans further. It was pretty stunning how much energy and atmosphere SuG was able to create during the show by pushing the fans further and further. Especially as they started already on a high level.
All of the artists had their own ways. Yuji, one of the guitarists, was head banging a lot, making the fans yell at his command during his time to speak. Masato, the other guitarist and leader, was calmer but searching for eye contact with the fans and with just being breathtaking beautiful. He even made a joke about it by saying “The cathedral of Cologne is beautiful... [insert break here]... like myself.”. Got quite a lot of laughs for this. And towards the end of the show, he was getting more open, maybe setting his image aside, being more himself. Something that tends to happen quite often with Japanese artists. Meanwhile Chiyu, the bassist, captured the hearts of the females fans by being very flirty, twinkling, licking his lips.
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Sadly the stage was to short to heighten the drumset, so Shinpei the drummer was a little hard to recognize, though he was clearly audible. Especially during the 11th song “...” he had the chance to show his abilities. The song contained a drum solo, abrupt changes in speed and melody of the drums. Together with the intro from the first song of the encore “SLVS” - a song never played in Japan – where Shinpei played fast lines on the toms, he convinced the audience of his skills as a drummer. Solid and able to do more than just basic rhythms. A pleasure to listen to.
As already said this song was performed by SuG for the first time, but the fans were able to sing along their part during the reprise. They even repeated it one extra time, and Takeru, who was trying to continue with the verse, smiled wide when he heard the audience singing further.
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For the guitarist especially the third songs was their chance to shine, as it had more fast changes and complex chords to show, but the most intense song was the one before the encore: “Love Scream Party”. Dominated by Chiyus basslines and his skillful slapping solo, the song made the fans go as wild as the artists. Just a party, as the title might suggest. Especially as the artists got into full contact with the fans by bending towards them, holding hands with the fans or holding the instruments over their heads. Great!

Maybe the only thing bringing the artists even closer to the fans were their time when they were talking, even answering special calls, like “Blumenkohl!” (The German word for Cauliflower). They promised to try it out. Besides this all of the 5 tried to say a little bit in German to the fans. A very nice gesture. Most remarkable was: they repeated a lot that it had been their dream to be able to tour Europe and that they want to come back. Considering their show, their presence on stage, their way to interact with the fans, their skill, it should be something everyone be looking forward to again.

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01) Miussing
03) sweeToxic
04) -bushido-FREAKY
05) SICK'S
07) mujouken koufukuron
08) dot.0
10) heavy+electro+dance+punk
11) mad$hip
12) Love Scream Party

E2) 39GalaxyZ



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